Naughty America Housewife 1 On 1 Lexi Foxy 2018 HD .

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Naughty America Housewife 1 On 1 Lexi Foxy 2018 HD .

You horny bastard!
You bought tons of online foot-fetish porn and you didn’t think your wife Lexi Foxy would see the credit card statement?!?
Why she ever married a lunkhead like you is a mystery, but what we do know is she’s such a good wife that she sets the bill aside and tells you that she’s not pissed, but that she’s more than happy to make YOU happy with her feet in the bedroom!
Follow her there and she’s suddenly all sexed up in lingerie and stockings, ready to fuck, just the way those porn stars do in all those dirty films you’ve been jerkin’ it to. And first thing’s first, she takes your big dick (THAT’s why she married you) in between her feet and warms it up so she can fuck you with her mouth.
An amazing wife who doesn’t mind you spending money on porn, then fucks you like a porn star?
Stop being a lunkhead!

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